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Is Victoria the Worst Cook in America?

Catch the NY Daily News article on Victoria's
appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Richard Kay, The Daily Mail, UK



Victoria Arbiter at CBS Best Bet for Royal Wedding Coverage!

..."I`m leaning towards CBS, since Victoria Arbiter will be covering the wedding with the dignity and grace of an expert. Judyth Piazza, with The SOP Radio Network, has interviewed Victoria just yesterday, and she (both Victoria and Judyth) seems like the best bet to manage the media circus surrounding the wedding of the century. Victoria is English and an expert on these matters."

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Hottest Reporter Covering Royal Wedding? Victoria Arbiter Of CBS News

I was struck by her sexy but wholesome appearance. Then I saw a few of her videos on YouTube, and suffice to say, "Im in love."

I`m enthralled by Victoria`s British accent, if Rosie O`Donnell had a British accent I might be tempted to hit on her. I now plan on watching coverage of the royal wedding, and I won`t even change the channel during commercial breaks to watch the launch of the space shuttle Endeavor or the NFL draft.

In my house Friday is Victoria Arbiter day, dudes you have to check her out.

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Richard Kay, The Daily Mail, UK

Worst Cook in America, The NY Daily News

Richard Kay, The Daily Mail, UK

Press Ups, The Daily Mail, UK

York Talk, The Mirror, UK

Elegant Bride Magazine

The Daily Mail, UK The Daily

The ily Mai

Richard Kay, The Daily Mail, UK

The Mirror, UK


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